The SGW / Portsmith Partnership: Developing Products That Improve Human Existence

By SGW Team

“Leave the world in better conditions in which you found it.” 

— Baden Powell

At SGW, we reflect frequently on our mission to “Improve Human Existence.” It’s a lofty ambition, to be sure. But because we strongly believe our partnerships — and the products we develop — should reflect this mission, we frequently assess nearly every aspect of our business, from our processes and the parts we use to how we engage with our clients and internal team. 

It’s not uncommon that we ask ourselves: How are we — and the companies we work with — making a positive impact? What sort of products are poised to really make a difference? And how can we continue to do better?

Sometimes the answers to these questions are seen in our collaborations with companies on our home turf — right here in Boise, Idaho. In particular, our commitment to Improve Human Existence is evident in one new product recently released by our sister company, Portsmith Technologies.

Portsmith’s Scanstand: Designed to Improve Human Existence in the Time of COVID-19

As the spread of COVID-19 continues to present significant operating challenges to organizations all over the world, we are seeing an increasing need for products that meet the heightened safety requirements of retailers, healthcare facilities, events/performing arts venues, and museums. Enter: the ScanStand.

Developed in answer to the changing demands facing many businesses today, the ScanStand is a robust and reliable solution for unattended scanning — critical for ensuring public health during a global pandemic. This innovative and versatile unit enables hands-free scanning of tickets and/or barcodes with the mobile handheld computers that venues are already using. 

In short, the ScanStand will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as businesses continue the tentative process of reopening. 

The ScanStand’s Benefits to Healthcare, Events, and Retail

For instance, in many healthcare environments, it is crucial that handheld devices used for scanning require minimal contact to protect both patients and clinicians. The ScanStand provides a full 90+ degree range of motion, so hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can address this need — and optimize the capabilities of their existing handhelds at a time when deploying entirely new hardware may not be practical (or even feasible). 

Additionally, running a museum or a ticketed event entails scanning or accepting visitors’ tickets at entry. For example, with the ScanStand, a Zebra TC56 can be converted into a hands-free ticket scanner.

And retailers must have fast, reliable technology in place to scan product barcodes — during checkout, inventorying, and when locating items for customers. The ScanStand, 14” tall when in position, firmly holds the hand-held in a downward position and allows for scanning of varying-sized objects.

Looking to the Future of Improving Human Existence

After months spent perfecting the ScanStand, all of us at SGW Designworks are thrilled to see a product we’ve developed seeing success — and better yet, improving human existence. But this is just one example of the established, trusted technology that Portsmith has a long history of distributing to enterprise-level clients across the nation (and outside the U.S., as the need arises). 

We are proud to align SGW’s mission with Portsmith’s product goals as we work alongside this industry leader, and we look forward to what comes next.

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